About us

The National Brain Metrics Initiative is registered under the Indian Government Act 1882 with Deed no-77 which is an organization. It is provided education by conducting an intelligence test of the child of rural area. Due to which the intelligent child of the village area is given better environment and place and education. So that the children of the rural areas of our society can fulfill their dreams. This organization is working all over the country.


An IQ test is an assessment that measures a range of cognitive abilities and provides a score that is intended to serve as a measure of a person’s intellectual abilities and potential. IQ tests are among the most commonly administered psychological tests.



We have developed a 40-question test to confidently use it in different States and get the most accurate results. The test excludes the cultural peculiarities of different States and aims at assessing an individual’s intellectual potential.

The test was developed in such a manner that, when completed, the results are generated using a normal distribution method with an average IQ = 100 and a standard deviation of σ = 15. Therefore, 2⁄3 of all the results (which is about 68%) range from 85 to 115.

The test has no time limits, but we recommend you complete it within 20 minutes. That will maximize the test accuracy and help you find out your ability to quickly and accurately solve problems. If it takes you longer than 20 minutes to complete the test, your score will be lower.

On average, it should take you 15 seconds to solve easy questions, 35 seconds to solve medium ones, and one minute to answer the most difficult ones.


IQ tests can be useful for a huge variety of purposes, including:

  • Comprehensive assessment;
  • Mental subnormality assessment and diagnosis;
  • Cognitive research;
  • Job applicant evaluation;
  • Cognitive assessment, including memory, speed, and attention.



The main test purpose is not just to determine an individual’s general intelligence. It also helps to reveal the skills, which an individual is largely successful in or the ones that need additional attention. The IQ test helps assess abilities in the following areas:

  • mathematical skills;
  • spatial aptitude;
  • language learning abilities;
  • memory;
  • information processing speed;
  • reasoning.


The maximum score you can get when completing our IQ test is 160. Most people score from 85 to 115 points, and that is the average intelligence level. You can find a more detailed IQ score breakdown below.

High IQ classification

  • IQ points 131 and more

That is the highest level obtainable when testing the intelligence level. We call such people geniuses. They have no trouble solving the IQ test. As a rule, they can cope with the test sooner than the time specified. Many people with similar IQ levels achieve significant success in various life areas. There are about 2.2% of such people. Even fewer people can get the highest results exceeding 145 points. For instance, there are only 0.2% of people capable of getting this score.

  • IQ points 121 to 130

That is a rather high result of the IQ test. We often call such people gifted. They can answer easy, mid-level, and most difficult questions with no problem.

  • IQ points 111 to 120

That is the upper margin of the average result, which is good for people. As a rule, they can answer easy to mid-level questions with no problem. However, they may have a hard time with difficult ones.

Average IQ classification

  • IQ points 90 to 110

That is the average IQ level for an individual. More than 50% of all people have intellectual abilities within these limits.

Low IQ classification

  • IQ points 80 to 89

That is the lower margin of the average result. This result is normal for people. As a rule, they answer easy questions with no problem. They can also cope with mid-level questions but may make mistakes due to poor attention or a lapse of concentration. As a rule, a test-taker skips more difficult questions or takes too much time to answer them.

  • IQ points 66 to 79

That is a lower margin of a poor result showing that an individual has problems with attention, memory, reasoning, as well as difficulties in solving mathematical and logical problems. Nevertheless, an individual like this is still capable of leading an independent lifestyle and solving daily problems the way most people do.

  • IQ points 65 and lower

All the results below 65 points are extremely low and mean that an IQ test-taker manifests mental retardation. As a rule, the people like these cannot live on their own and have difficulties with everyday tasks.


The results may vary depending on the testing environment and the individual’s physical and emotional condition. To achieve the most accurate result, you should follow our recommendations listed below:

  • take the test in a quiet environment free of irritating factors that may influence your thinking processes;
  • your bodily fatigue or emotional tension can both negatively affect your test results;
  • you should not be limited in time. Our test takes 30 to 40 minutes on average;
  • please specify your true age at the end of the test.

You should not worry in case you have not received the desired results. This score is not permanent. It depends both on you and on global trends. We recommend taking our test once a year, but not more than once every six months.


The Nbmi test is a standardized IQ test used to get membership in the non-profit organization This society is open to anyone who completed the test better than 98% of the population. The test is chargeable.